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This handbook from MENTOR is a comprehensive resource designed to offer program staff with specific tools, templates, training exercises and promising practices to best recruit, train and support mentors over the age of 50. The guide explores... Read more about this resource
This resource from MENTOR offers practical information and tools for mentors fifty years and older to develop and strengthen successful mentoring relationships with today’s young people. The guide looks at defining the role and establishing the... Read more about this resource
This training resource from Education Northwest uses video stories with real mentors, real youth and real situations to illustrate common challenges and proven strategies mentors can use in their interactions and relationship-building with mentees.... Read more about this resource
As mentors and mentees transition into their summer activities, an important aspect will be maintaining their relationships through any travel and vacations. With the relaxed schedules and fun activities, it may be easy for mentor pairs to miss... Read more about this resource
This resource from the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign is designed to help youth group leaders develop strategies and tactics to address issues of influence, peer pressure, and risky behaviors with teens in their community. The toolkit helps... Read more about this resource
A positive mentoring experience can help a young person develop new skills and a more hopeful view of the future. For youth involved in the foster care or juvenile justice system, the impact of a mentor can be even more significant. According to... Read more about this resource
For many, summer holidays are an exciting and joyful time of year—wonderful meals, gifts exchanged, family traditions, and time spent with loved ones. But for youth involved in the juvenile justice or foster care system, the holidays can be... Read more about this resource