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Here is an example of a press release TMCs can use to help market their program. Use it for general program info, recruiting mentors, success stories, and much more!
This handbook from MENTOR is a comprehensive resource designed to offer program staff with specific tools, templates, training exercises and promising practices to best recruit, train and support mentors over the age of 50. The guide explores... Read more about this resource
A mentor can change the life of a young person involved in the juvenile justice or foster care system, but recruiting mentors to work with system-involved youth can be challenging. Potential mentors may fear that mentoring these youth requires... Read more about this resource
This tool is designed to help programs identify organizations as potential targets for mentor recruitment. The rating system enables program staff to prioritize organizations for outreach and partnership.
This article from The National Mentoring Center Bulletin gives a deeper understanding of the issues (both internal to the program agency, as well as external) of the reasons why it's harder to recruit men as mentors and provides a variety of... Read more about this resource