Here are some general mentoring resources that you may find useful.

A release form permitting EDC to use photos or videos of the signer for noncommercial purposes to promote its work to funders, educators, and researchers.
  Free, online research and resources are now available from the OJJDP-funded study, "Researching the Referral Stage of Youth Mentoring in Six Juvenile Justice Settings: An Exploratory Analysis.” The study, conducted by MENTOR: The National... Read more about this resource
An application form for prospective 7th Generation mentors.
This article by Joyce Walker and Lonnie White reviews research on the types of adults who make good mentors, and identifies personality characteristics common to good mentors. It also suggests strategies for promoting these characteristics among... Read more about this resource
Feel free to use these logos for t-shirts, but please remember those t-shirts must be supported by funds other than 7th Generation funds. There are both EPS formats (requires software like Adobe InDesign) and standard JPG formats. There are also... Read more about this resource
Here is an example of a press release TMCs can use to help market their program. Use it for general program info, recruiting mentors, success stories, and much more!
This article from the Research in Action Series discusses the research behind matches that have ended and extracts lessons learned for creating and sustaining formal mentoring relationships between youth and adults. The author discusses the 6 main... Read more about this resource
This handbook from MENTOR is a comprehensive resource designed to offer program staff with specific tools, templates, training exercises and promising practices to best recruit, train and support mentors over the age of 50. The guide explores... Read more about this resource
The Tools for Mentoring Adolescents were developed by the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) based on needs identified by mentoring professionals to support and strengthen relationships between mentors and mentees. Tools for Mentoring... Read more about this resource
Feel free to post these flyers around your community to help recruit mentors and advertise for the Strong Circle of Relatives training.  If you'd like to customize them, use the Publisher (.pub) versions.
If you are on a system where your program expenses are reimbursed monthly, please use this template.  If you have any questions, ask your Tribal Mentoring Specialist.
Here's the 7th Generation Tribal Mentoring Handbook that's handed out during Mentor Trainings.  We customize the handbook for each training by putting the TMC's contact information on the forms at the end of the manual.  If you need more hard copies... Read more about this resource
Please use this template when submitting your Financial Reports.  If you have any questions, ask your Tribal Mentoring Specialist.
Please use this invoice template.  You will need to create a Vendor Consulting Agreement (VCA) with EDC if you have not yet already done so.